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Breast Enlargement Herbal Bust Plus Breast Enlargement Herbal Bust Plus
 Breast Enlargement Herbal Bust Plus
by Angela Harris

Disclaimer: This book was written for educational purposes only. No medical claims are made or intended. The author, publisher, distributor, or those whose names appear in the book shall have no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage allegedly caused by the information in this book.
Acknowledgments Sharing The Knowledge Questions & Answers
Dedication Birth of a New Discovery Testimonials
Introduction How Bust Plus Works Clinical Studies Reveal
My Story The Bust Plus Formula

I would like to express my gratitude to Karen for sharing her endless talents and for her compassion in helping women, and to my family for their patience and never-ending support.

This book is dedicated to all of the women who have been deceived in thinking implants are safe, and have often suffered the dire consequences.

To the doctors who have the courage to take a stand and not put implants into women's bodies, "Thank You!"

My hope is that the next generation will be more educated in their choices concerning health.
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The world has known about the medicinal benefits of herbs for centuries. Ancient cultures have recorded their cures for diseases, showing that herbs were used extensively. It has always been known that herbs contain powerful ingredients, which is why they have been used throughout history for practically every known illness.
Today herbs are being rediscovered and combined into formulas offering natural paths to wellness. In many ways we are at the beginning of our knowledge of herbal remedies. As is so often the case, in finding the solution to one problem, we discovered an answer to another. This is exactly what happened as one woman's discovery has helped thousands of women enjoy larger, firmer breasts without surgery.
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My Story
My great-grandmother was a well-known herbalist, and people came from many miles to get her advice and the herbal formulas she prepared. My mother used herbs a little, but didn't know enough to use them for our primary care. Much of my great-grandmother's herbal knowledge was not passed on to the succeeding generations of her family.

By the time I grew up and had children, the age of antibiotics, drugs, and surgery had been in full swing for a number of years. I had no real knowledge of how to use herbs, nor had I ever been faced with the need to know, but all that was about to change.

In 1988, when I was 25 years old, I was diagnosed with lupus, an auto-immune disease that seriously debilitates the entire body and can ultimately be fatal. My physician told me that the only treatment he could offer was steroids, but that if I took the treatment I would never be able to have any more children.

I was devastated by the diagnosis. I knew I had to take control and do something beyond what conventional medicine could offer. That's when my journey into the traditional art of natural healing began. I consulted with a friend who grew and used her own herbs for healing a wide range of illnesses. I signed up for every herbal class I could find. My skepticism was high, but nonetheless, I gathered hundreds of herbal books from libraries, bookstores and health food markets, and began studying day and night. The history and information in the books fascinated me, and the more I read, the more I became convinced that natural healing methods using herbs would really work for me.

I started a daily regimen of a variety of herbs that were good for the immune system. Day by day I began to feel better and stronger than I had for most of my life (which was wonderful because I had experienced serious health problems in childhood).

Within a few short weeks of beginning herbal remedies, the lupus symptoms lessened and gradually disappeared. I was able to live and function with more energy than I had ever had before. All this happened with just the use of the herbal remedies. I even got pregnant again only four months after starting my campaign to heal myself naturally.

Five years later, in 1992, when I was about four months pregnant with my sixth child, I noticed some lumps under my arms. I thought they were probably just related to the hormonal changes of pregnancy and didn't feel they were serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. My midwife encouraged me to see a medical doctor, but I refused until two months later, when another large lump appeared on my neck. At that point I knew something was terribly wrong. Once again, I made my way to the doctor's office, hoping for the best. The doctor examined the very painful, large lumps under my arms and calmly told me that if the lumps did not go away after I had the baby that I should come back and have them checked again. "What about this?" I asked, lifting up my hair to reveal the huge lump on my neck. The look on the doctors face revealed his fear, and I knew at that instant that I was in a very dangerous situation. I knew I had cancer.

The doctor insisted that I immediately see an oncologist (a cancer specialist) and undergo a series of medical tests. That was the last thing I wanted to do right then, so I kept my composure and asked him for his opinion as to what he thought was wrong. After a long pause he said, "Lymphoma, and this is very serious."

The next several days were extremely difficult for both my husband and me. We talked hour after hour, day after day. We went back and forth over all the issues--my pregnancy, modern medical therapies and techniques, and all of the implications. We prayerfully came to the decision that we would try an all-out effort to treat the cancer through natural means.

I located a health practitioner who said she would support me in my choice to use alternative methods. She ran medical tests that gave us a definite diagnosis of fourth-stage Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a type of cancer that attacks the lymph system. It is terminal and there is no known cure.

With the diagnosis confirmed, I began researching on my own to discover more about this disease and how I could treat it with herbal remedies and other natural methods. I contacted herbalists who had worked with cancer patients and found that people had successfully used herbs for their healing, which increased my determination to use them for my own condition.

In order to protect my unborn baby, I decided that I would go on a special diet and use only the mildest herbs and natural healing techniques to treat myself, which did stop the actual growth of the tumors. This mild approach did not allow for the powerful healing I needed, and as a result, other symptoms of the illness progressed.

The herbal formulas that were suggested for my therapy were very expensive...too expensive for our humble income. The financial burden of purchasing them became overwhelming. Desperate, I began studying herbal medicine more intensely, and to save money, experimented with preparing my own herbal formulas.

As the months continued to drag by I became horribly sick. For weeks on end I lay in bed, while my husband and older children brought me special food and herbal formulas. I struggled constantly with the ever-increasing pain, confusion and intense emotions of inadequacy and doubt. At the same time, I was experiencing a deep sense of peace, somehow content that I was following the right path. Were it not for the love of my family and our hope and faith in God, I'm sure I would never have found the strength to go on.

As the illness progressed, other concerned members of my family encouraged me to consider conventional cancer treatments. I was told that if I took chemotherapy, I might live for one year; without chemotherapy, three months. I knew that everyone wanted to help me, and I knew that they had the best of intentions. I decided that I would rather have three months of life at home in relatively stable condition, than to sacrifice my baby and have one last year of utter misery battling the horrific side effects of chemotherapy.

So I struggled on through what became the longest three months of my life. By the final month of my pregnancy, I did not even have the energy for the tasks of daily living. My stalwart mother, who had been endlessly supportive and attentive, finally found that she, too, was becoming totally overwhelmed with the gravity of the situation.

One Sunday, at a church meeting, Mom broke down from the weight of it all and cried in front of people who had always known her as a calm, cool and collected person. A friend, seeing her crying, approached and asked if she could help. Upon hearing my mother's explanation, the woman rose calmly and said, "Wait right here." She walked quickly across the room and promptly returned with her husband, who told my mother that he knew how to use herbs medicinally. He said to her, "Your daughter doesn't have to die." It was from this man that I received one of the herbal formulas that would help save my life.

However, there was another event that needed to happen‹the imminent birth of my baby. After a successful delivery, I was ready to begin taking the herbal formulas. I was thrilled that the formulas really seemed to be working. Now I was more determined than ever to get well naturally.

In addition to taking herbal remedies, I continued scrutinizing everything I ate, eliminating meat and dairy, and other foods that could block the healing process. I also began a rigorous colon-cleansing program. Within just one week after starting the colon cleansing and taking the herbal formulas, a miracle happened. The egg-sized lumps all over my body began to shrink.

I was astounded with my progress and pushed forward with all the strength I could muster. Within six weeks of beginning the herbal formulas, the lumps had disappeared and after several more months, all symptoms of the cancer vanished and have never returned. The herbal remedies and natural healing techniques proved to be completely successful. The rest of the great news is we have been blessed with 2 more healthy children and I am pregnant with our 8th.
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Sharing the Knowledge
In the years after my own experience, word spread and I received calls from people everywhere who wanted to know how I had been successful in overcoming cancer and how they could help themselves. Thus, I continued making my own herbal formulas, drawing from the knowledge I had gained. Little by little, I found myself in the midst of a wide network of people who were using and sharing my herbal formulas. Two hospitals that specialize in alternative treatments heard about my experience and asked me to educate their doctors about herbal formulas. I have also worked with several midwives, and learned much more about the female body and how easily a woman's hormones can be jarred out of balance through illness, stress, diet, accidents and congenital problems. Soon I began experimenting with herbs that have traditionally been used for female hormone balancing. My faith in a more natural way of living and healing grew and strengthened each day.

I have had countless conversations with men and women whose health has been ruined through the misguided and needless use of surgery and medicines. Over the course of many years, I have seen first-hand the tremendous benefits that are derived from herbs and other natural health modalities that leave no scars, and whose side effects, if any, may be beneficial.

During the years since my illness, I have become profoundly aware of the need for more public awareness. There are enormous benefits that herbs can have on our lives and health. I have seen many instances in which conventional medical approaches have actually caused more problems than they solve.

This is not to say that I don't realize the tremendous benefits that modern medicine provides, but too many times, medical techniques are used prematurely, when simpler, more natural approaches could prevent health problems from turning into major disasters.

As dramatic as this might sound, we have to realize that drugs and surgery are serious business and shouldn't be rushed into or taken lightly. Surely, they have their place, but we have a responsibility to ourselves to diligently learn more about how to take care of our bodies gently, safely, and more naturally. Upon learning that you may have an illness, it is imperative to find out as much about your condition as possible. Research intensively, learning as much as you can from every available, reliable source. This will enable you to work intelligently with a health-care practitioner to regain your health.

Learning how to use herbs in our everyday lives can give us great confidence, power, strength and enjoyment. Properly prepared and wisely used, herbal remedies make us feel better and also look better.

Since working with herbs, I've also discovered the tremendous cosmetic effects of herbal treatments. When taken internally to balance hormones and relieve stress and strain, herbal preparations can make us look younger, healthier, more vibrant and beautiful. When used externally, botanical oils, creams and ointments, they beautify and protect our skin, hair and nails, without the harmful effects of harsh chemicals.

The knowledge and use of herbal remedies empower us to care for our bodies and to eliminate our dependency on harmful drugs and hi-tech surgical procedures that may permanently damage our physical and emotional well-being.

It's been seven years since my 'brush with death.' I am symptom-free and I live a full, busy, and wonderfully rewarding life. I've written this book because I want to share my first-hand experience and knowledge about herbal remedies that can provide safe and natural alternatives for treating health and cosmetic challenges.
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Birth of a New Discovery

One day I got a call from Julie, a young woman who was having a hard time getting pregnant. We discussed several avenues that may help her to achieve her goal, including a formula now known as Herbal Bust Plus that contained herbs traditionally used for balancing female hormones. She opted to try the formula to promote hormonal balancing.

A few months later, during a telephone conversation with Julie, she told me that she had not yet conceived, but that her breast size had increased from an "A" to a "C" cup size. She was sure this "side effect" was from the herbal formula she was taking. A short time after our conversation, Julie was able to get pregnant and later gave birth to a fine, healthy baby.

The happy experience with Julie started me thinking, "If the herbs did cause the breast growth, what an incredible natural alternative this would be to breast implants!" Julie shared my feelings about her results, and she started telling her friends about it. More and more women began calling me, asking for this herbal formula, in hopes that they would have similar results. Before long, women were practically lining up around the block just to get Herbal Bust Plus.

It was then, as never before, that I began to be aware of just how profoundly women are affected by their lack of normal breast development. I have always believed that true beauty comes from within, and that if we love ourselves and see ourselves as beautiful, the rest of the world will also see us that way. Breast implant surgery has always seemed like a tragedy to me, a result of women feeling that they're not 'perfect enough.' From my conversations with hundreds of women, this issue became clearer. I have talked with many women who are afraid to get involved in a relationship with a man because they are ashamed of their small breasts. I have talked with women who are embarrassed to undress in front of their own husbands. I came to understand that if a woman wants to increase the size of her breasts, it may not only be a vanity issue.

Julie, who was having a hard time conceiving, was small-breasted for her size. That led me to the realization that both factors -- difficulty in conceiving, and underdeveloped breasts -- were due to the same basic hormonal imbalance. The hormonal-balancing herbs I recommended to her corrected her underlying problem, allowing her to get pregnant, also promoted natural growth in her breast size.

In looking at the problem from that point of view, it made sense that underdeveloped breasts, in many cases, could be corrected by hormone-balancing herbs, providing women -- for the first time -- with a completely safe and natural herbal alternative to breast implants. Thus the concept was born for the Bust Plus formula. Since then, I have experimented, tested and perfected the formula so it both safe and effective.

Breast implants are a truly dangerous and often mutilating surgical procedure. Through the years, I have seen women who have become so sick due to breast implant surgery, that they can barely get out of bed each day. Yet the cost of removing the implants is so high that they cannot afford to reverse this unnatural procedure. Those who have had the removal surgery often experience extremely disfigured scarring or sagging. The cost of this procedure is not only measured in dollars. These women also suffer a great loss of self-confidence and self-esteem, from which they may never completely recover. I feel blessed that I have been able to provide a simple, safe and effective alternative to breast implants.

Judging by the success of the Bust Plus, nature has provided an answer to the improper breast development dilemma. However, we seek out what nurtures and supports our bodies, rather than what depletes and destroys us in ways that may not be fully realized for generations.

Also, remember that the formula was created as a remedy for natural hormone balancing, and I encourage women to use it primarily for that purpose, rather then focusing on its properties related to breast growth. Women with large breasts who want the formula for hormone balancing need not be afraid that taking this formula will make their bust significantly larger. The effect that the formula has had in this respect is to simply firm up the breasts and eliminate sagging. A woman's breasts will only grow proportionately to her own natural body size.

Natural hormone balancing is the first step every woman should take to improve the way they look and feel. Many women do not realize that hormone imbalances can be caused by the toxins they consume every day as well as the stress and pressures of modern day living. Herbal Bust Plus is revolutionary in its ability to provide relief to the symptoms caused by imbalanced hormones.

Women who use these formulas tell me consistently that they experience relief from irregular or painful menstrual periods, cramping, bloating, mood swings, PMS, menopausal symptoms, fertility problems, postpartum depression, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, nervous tension, and anything associated with hormonal imbalance. Actually, this isn't surprising, because these herbs have been traditionally used for many centuries, especially for treating problems associated with female cycles and reproductive functions. So, you might well find that this herbal combination helps you to better balance your overall system, whether or not breast enlargement is your first concern.

I do hope that this formula can give you the same confidence in natural living that it has given me and so many other women around the world.
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How Bust Plus Works
Breast development begins at puberty, when a young woman's body receives chemical signals from the pituitary gland. These signals orchestrate powerful changes. Scientific research has concluded that foundational breast tissue growth occurs most efficiently with the balanced presence of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, prostaglandins, and GF compounds (human growth factor hormones). Improper balances of these hormones, along with other complications, lead to insufficient breast development. At some point after adolescence, the body ceases to produce certain hormones, resulting in the completion of breast tissue growth. The natural combination in my herbal formula stimulates changes in the hormone levels, and results in the growth of new breast tissue.
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The Bust Plus Formula

Blessed Thistle
(Cnicus benedictus)

Widely accepted as a restorative herb, Bust Plus uses Blessed Thistle for its ability to achieve the following effects: -

Balance female hormones -
Relieve cramps and painful menstruation-
Stimulate milk production in nursing mothers-
Treat headaches and other pains associated with female cycles.

Dandelion Root
(Taraxacum officinale)

Effective in its natural cleansing and purifying powers, the Dandelion Root is a key ingredient in our formula to treat:-

Breast cancer and breast tumors-
PMS symptoms -
Yeast infections

(Turnera Aphrodisiaca)

Along with restoring the bodies' vital energies, the primary uses of Damania include treatment of:-

Female hormone imbalances and menopausal hot flashes-
Poor mammary gland (breast) development-
Sexual impotency and infertility-
Weakened reproductive organs

Dong Quai
(Angelica Sinensis)

Potentially high in its ability to strengthen all internal organs and muscles, Dong Quai is used as an ingredient in Herbal Bust Plus to help obtain these benefits:-

Breast enhancement (enlargement) -
Maintain a proper balance of female hormones-
Regulate menstrual cycles while relieving menstrual disorders and pain

Kava Kava
(Piper methysticum)

Used for centuries as a traditional calming agent, Kava Kava is reported to provide benefits for:-

Bladder and urinary tract infections-
Hot flashes

(Saw Palmetto)

Traditionally used to assist the thyroid in regulation of reproductive organs, conventional uses of Saw Palmetto for women include treatment for: -

Breast enlargement-
Glandular tissue-
Hormone regulation-
Sexual stimulation-
Weight management

Wild Yam
(Discorea villosa)

Used to balance or stimulate female hormone production, Wild Yam has been effective in aiding female problems that include:-

After-birth pain-
Dysmenorrhea (painful, irregular menstruation)-
Menstrual cramps-
Morning sickness-
PMS symptoms

Red Raspberry

Used as a basic herbal foundation for all female organs and problems, Red Raspberry is reported to have these beneficial effects:-

Decreases profuse menstrual flow-
Alleviates morning sickness and nausea-
Tones and regulates before, during and after child birth-
Relieves headaches and cramping-
Strengthens entire female reproductive system

Employed as a cleansing agent, Senna is used to revitalize and balance the body. It is implemented into this formula to:-

Cleanse the body of toxins-
Encourage regular bowel movements
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Questions and Answers

During my years of studying herbs, in particular, the herbs used in the Herbal Enhancer formula, I have received many questions from many women. I noticed that most women have similar questions. I have included a list of the most often asked questions and my answers.

Q. When will I notice breast growth?

A. In testimonials from hundreds of women who have taken the herbal formula, there is a considerable range of time for getting results. That's understandable, since everyone's body metabolism and extent of hormonal imbalance differs. Many users report that the first visible results begin within the first two weeks; maximum effects on the bust-line occur over a six to nine-month period of time, then growth is usually maximized and stops naturally. Users report that taking the formula intermittently for two to three weeks every three to four months, helps them maintain the firmness and fullness they want.

Q. Will the formula will produce too much breast development?

A. This does not happen. Breast growth comes as a result of the hormone-balancing effects of the herbs which naturally regulate proper breast growth and development. Users report that the formula produces fuller, firmer, larger breasts that are proportionate to their overall body size. This is why women who have very large breasts can use the formula. These women may notice a slight increase in size, but mostly, it will help the breasts to firm up and it will eliminate sagging. Many women report that the formula helps to smooth out the wrinkled areas of the breast, giving them a younger, uplifted look and feel.

Also, because maximum growth occurs over a period of time, you can stop taking the formula at any time you reach the breast size you desire. Once you stop taking the herbs, the growth will stop. Essentially, you can choose whatever amount of growth makes you feel most comfortable.

Q. How much should I take for breast growth?

A. The bottle states the dosage. The formula is available in capsule, liquid and lotion form. Capsules: the suggested dose is three to four capsules twice a day (morning and night) taken with water at mealtime, for approximately six to nine months. Liquid: take one-half to three-quarters teaspoon twice a day for approximately six to nine months. Lotion: rub a dime-sized dose directly onto the breast twice a day.
The formula can be taken indefinitely for maintenance of hormone balance if needed (this does not continue to increase breast size beyond your own natural maximum growth level).

Q. What if I am just taking the formula for hormonal balancing, how much should I take?

A. The dosage is the same for breast growth or hormonal balance. See the question above.

Q. How much growth should I expect?

A. Along with the firming up of the breast, the average breast growth is approximately one-cup size. This is usually seen in women who take the formula for about three months. We have seen breast growth in many cases of up to five inches or more in those who have taken the formula for nine months or longer.

Q. I am trying to get pregnant, will this formula help?

A. Reports indicate that the formula is helpful because of the beneficial effects on problems such as irregular menstrual periods, infertility, PMS, cramping, bloating, and irritability. We have generally seen improvement in these types of problems as soon as three weeks. The formula also helps to increase libido, which of course, is very helpful if you are trying to get pregnant. Women have generally seen improvement in these types of problems as soon as three weeks.

Q. Can I take the formula during pregnancy?

A. The formula should not be taken during pregnancy or while nursing.

Q. I have nursed children, and it seems my breasts have disappeared? Will the formula help?

A. Post-nursing mothers have reported excellent benefits from the formula, including preventing and/or relieving postpartum depression, as well as filling out and firming the breasts following birth and nursing.

Q. Is this hormonal-balancing formula safe?

A. The herbs used in the formula have been used for hundreds of years in medicinal applications with no adverse side effects. There are no synthetic additives, colorings, or artificial preservatives in the product and no adverse side effects have been reported after use by thousands of women.

Please keep in mind that when taking supplements or medications of any kind, to treat them with respect, and to take the recommended dosage. If you feel that your situation calls for larger dosages, consult your health-care practitioner before you increase the recommended dosage. More is not always better.

Q. Does the formula contain estrogen?

A. The herbs in the formula do not in themselves contain estrogen or other hormones. They contain hormone-like substances that can mimic the activity of human hormones such as estrogen or progesterone, or make proper levels of such hormones more available in the body by normalizing glandular and hormonal activity. Because the herbs do not artificially raise estrogen levels in the way that synthetic drugs such as birth control pills do, they do not encourage cancerous growth or other side effects seen with synthetic hormone-manipulating drugs.

Q. Will the formula help my uncomfortable menopausal symptoms?

A. It is an excellent hormone regulator for the menopausal years when hormonal imbalances invariably appear. It has been reported to alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, nervousness, mood swings, etc. It has also been reported to help firm and uplift aging breasts.

Q. Can this formula be taken with other medications?

A. I have never heard from anyone who has had an adverse drug interaction with the formula, including women who are on birth control pills. CAUTION: Always consult with your medical professional -- one schooled in using herbal formulas -- before taking any herbal supplement with prescription or over-the counter drugs.

Q. What's the best age to start taking the formula?

A. From puberty to beyond menopause, and every age in between. Puberty is an excellent time to begin taking the formula for its hormonal-balancing effects. Taken at the onset of puberty, it can help supply valuable natural hormone balance that allows for proper glandular and reproductive organ development. This includes proper mammary gland or breast development which can be undermined by often undiagnosed hormonal imbalances that occur in adolescence, resulting in small, poorly-developed breasts, or premature sagging, wrinkling, etc. Menopausal women have reported benefits, not only breast-firming and enlarging, but reduction of hot flashes, irregular periods, mood swings vaginal dryness and many other symptoms associated with menopause.
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"I took the formula for five months and had great results. I progressed like I was told I would. In the first month I started to feel the soreness in the breast area and tingling. Then these things stopped and at the end of the second month I started to see results. My breasts went from a size 34A to 36C. After about the 4th month I was firming and filling but no more growth. One of the best results for me was the hormone balancing. In the very first month of using the formula my menstrual cycle became regular and with very little pain. At the end of the 5th month I again experienced the tingling and soreness in the breast area. After seven months I am now noticing more growth in the breast area and they are nice and firm and full." S.C., Los Angeles, CA

"I've been on the formula for about 5 weeks and have gained almost one-and-a-half inches! My husband is pleased and surprised. He was very supportive about me buying the product, but he really didn't think it would work, he just didn't want to discourage me. I asked him to measure me before I started, and then asked him to measure yesterday. He was amazed to see the increase! It is so nice to finally be able to fill out a bra!"
R.C., Gatlinberg, TN

"I've now grown a total of two inches over a six-week period. I feel fuller. I also don't have any tingling or soreness. My husband loves the results." N.O., Fort Wayne, IN

"This is so unbelievable to me! I have grown an inch and a half in the first two weeks." V.L., Las Cruces, NM

"It's been about 3 weeks now. Last night I decided to try on a few of my bras from before my pregnancy. I am filling the bras to overflow! And I am finally beginning to see some firming up! Today I wore my 'B' bra and it actually felt/looked filled out! I'm just so happy to be getting results, because after I had nursed my baby, my breasts were soft and spongy. Thank you!"

"I am 46 years old and have considered implants many times but I am very health conscious so I always talk myself out of it. I started this formula in hopes that this would be my answer. It was. I grew from an 'AA' to a 'C' in 9 months."--J.B., St. George, UT

"After the birth of my second baby I was devastated at how my breasts looked. I am a size 'D' cup and I felt like I had to lift them up and strap them on. I started testing the effects of this formula. Within the first 2 weeks my husband asked if I had been exercising ( I hadn't told him what I was doing). I have my old breasts back, good as new."--K.N., Las Vegas, NV
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Clinical Studies Reveal

The results of our investigation suggest that the representations made on breast enlargement are valid claims. Breast enlargement of one-half inch in 45 days has been substantiated. In several other cases, enlargement of three inches in a nine month period were documented."

Professor Robert W. Bradford, Doctor of Science of Bradford Research Institute

To learn more about how Bust Plus works, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or ask Adrien at
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